Pembangunan Python

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Gambaran Kursus

Python is one of the most versatile and widely used programming languages in the world. Whether you’re a beginner looking to start your programming journey or an experienced developer seeking to add Python to your skillset, this course is designed to provide you with a solid foundation and help you become proficient in Python.

Isi Kursus

1. Getting Started with Python

  • Introduction to Python and its significance.
  • Setting up Python on your machine.
  • Writing your first Python program.
  • Understanding Python’s syntax and conventions.
  • Variables, data types, and basic operations.

2. Control Flow and Functions

  • Conditional statements (if, else, elif).
  • Loops (for and while).
  • Functions and their role in code organization.
  • Parameters and return values.
  • Scope of variables in functions.

3. Lists, Tuples, and Sets

  • Lists: Creation, manipulation, and iteration.
  • Tuples: Immutable data structures.
  • Sets: Unordered collections of unique elements.

4. Dictionaries and More

  • Dictionaries: Key-value pairs and their applications.
  • Advanced data manipulation techniques.
  • List comprehensions for concise list creation.
  • Data structure selection and trade-offs.

 5. File Handling and Exception Handling

  • Reading and writing files in Python.
  • Exception handling for graceful error management.
  • Custom exceptions and error handling strategies.
  • Working with file I/O using context managers.

6. Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Basics

  • Introduction to OOP principles.
  • Defining classes, objects, and methods.
  • Encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism.
  • Practical OOP applications in Python.

7. Modules and Libraries

  • Working with modules and libraries.
  • Importing and using external modules.
  • Introduction to popular Python libraries (e.g., NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib).

8. Python Implementation overview:

  • Web development with Django or Flask.
  • Data science and analysis with Pandas and Matplotlib.
  • Automation and scripting.
  • Building a practical project.

Objektif Kursus

  • To introduce participants to the fundamentals of Python programming.
  • To provide hands-on experience with Python’s syntax, data structures, and control flow.
  • To enable participants to build real-world applications using Python.
  • To explore advanced Python topics, including object-oriented programming (OOP), file handling, and modules.
  • To prepare participants for further specialization in areas like web development, data science, or automation.
  • To foster problem-solving skills and a coding mindset.



“Jika anda berpeluang untuk menyertai kem boot ini, anggap diri anda amat bertuah kerana mereka akan melatih anda untuk mempunyai kemahiran sedia bekerja. Saya telah belajar banyak daripada tempat ini.”

Ahmad Faiz

“Saya belajar banyak perkara semasa saya bersama syarikat ini. seperti HTML, CSS dan JS. 
Kakitangan juga sangat mesra dan selesa untuk bertanya apa sahaja yang saya mahukan.”