Android App Development with Jetpack Compose


Course Overview

Are you ready to transform your app idea into a reality? Our comprehensive Android app development course is your gateway to creating cutting-edge mobile applications. In a world where the demand for high-functioning apps is soaring, possessing an Android app development certification is a game-changer. This course gives you the knowledge and skills to craft outstanding Android apps. By the end of this training, you’ll have the expertise to develop feature-rich applications that seamlessly handle background services and notifications. 

Course Content

1. Introduction to Android Development with Jetpack Compose

  • Discover the advantages of Jetpack Compose.
  • Set up Jetpack Compose in your Android project.
  • Grasp the fundamentals of Compose’s hierarchy and composables.
  • Create a simple yet effective Composable function.

2. Building User Interfaces with Compose

  • Master basic Compose layouts (Column, Row, ConstraintLayout).
  • Customize UI components and styles to align with your vision.
  • Gain proficiency in handling user input using Compose.

3. Compose UI Components and Navigation

  • Explore a wide range of Compose UI components (Buttons, TextFields, Lists).
  • Develop custom Composable functions tailored to your app’s needs.
  • Seamlessly set up navigation with the Navigation Compose library.
  • Implement smooth navigation between screens.

4.Leveraging Device Features

  • Equip your app with camera capabilities using CameraX.
  • Seamlessly capture photos and videos, enhancing user engagement.
  • Implement geolocation functionality using the Location API.
  • Efficiently manage location permissions and updates for a superior user experience.

5. Firebase Integration

  • Seamlessly integrate Firebase into your app.
  • Master Firebase Authentication for user registration and login.
  • Set up Firebase Realtime Database to store and retrieve data.
  • Utilize Firestore as a powerful NoSQL database.
  • Store and retrieve files, including images and videos, using Firebase Storage.

6. App Publishing

  • Gain insight into the app deployment process on the Google Play Store.
  • Learn the essentials of preparing an app for production and successfully publishing it.

Course Objective

  • Acquire proficiency in developing high-demand mobile applications using the latest Android Native technologies.
  • Build a robust portfolio and create projects that open up job opportunities or enable you to start a freelance business.



“If you get the chance to enter this bootcamp, consider yourself extremely lucky as they will groom you to have job ready skills. I have learnt a lot from this place.”

Ahmad Faiz

“I learned many things when I was with this company. such as HTML, CSS, and JS. 
The staff also very friendly and comfortable to ask anything i wanted.”