Full Stack Web Development


Course Overview

The Full Stack Web Development program is a three-month program suitable for IT Diploma or Degree graduates who are interested in finding work in the field of Software Engineering.
The Full Stack Web Development learning program is done in an apprentice mode and is based on project construction, built from curriculum builders who have industry experience and university experience.

Course Content

Orientation program, intensive learning and strengthening of programming basics.

Students will learn comprehensive mobile application construction techniques using Flutter technology from UI construction, managing information (local) and (remote), using phone features in the application and State Management.

Understand the backend concept and learn how to build a backend that can be used from a mobile application or website. Students will understand how to integrate from 3rd party providers for example for transaction management using Laravel technology.

Understand how Single Page Application works by using VueJS or ReactJS, understand SPA functions such as data binding, data flow and routing.

Learn cloud server management from the aspects of basic server management (monolith), Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment using cloud technology. The chosen technology is Amazon Web Service which is used by most major companies in Malaysia.

Course Objective

The Full Stack Web Development curriculum is designed based on projects, over a period of three months students will build portfolios and mini-projects, one mini-project a week and more than 10 projects over the course of 3 months.
At the end of learning, prospective graduates will build the main project at the end of learning and present the built project to potential employers through a demo day program.



“If you get the chance to enter this bootcamp, consider yourself extremely lucky as they will groom you to have job ready skills. I have learnt a lot from this place.”

Ahmad Faiz

“I learned many things when I was with this company. such as HTML, CSS, and JS. 
The staff also very friendly and comfortable to ask anything i wanted.”