ReactJS Development


Course Overview

This intensive course is designed to provide participants with a fast-paced introduction to React and Next.js, a powerful framework for building modern, server-rendered React applications. Whether you’re a web developer looking to quickly upskill or someone curious about React and Next.js, this course will help you get up and running with these technologies.

Course Content

1. Introduction to React and What’s Next.js

  • What is React and why use it?
  • Setting up the development environment (Node.js, npm, create-react-app)
  • Creating your first React application
  • Understanding JSX and component structure
  • Components and props in React
  • Building a simple React component
  • Passing and rendering props
  • Hands-on exercises and coding practice
  • What’s Next.js: An introduction to Next.js and its benefits for server-side rendering and modern web applications.

2. State and Lifecycle

  • Managing component state
  • Stateful vs. stateless components
  • Handling events and user interactions
  • Conditional rendering with if statements
  • Component lifecycle methods (e.g., componentDidMount, componentDidUpdate)
  • Using setState for state updates
  • Implementing a counter application
  • Hands-on exercises and coding practice

3. State Management with Redux

  • Why use Redux for state management?
  • Redux principles (actions, reducers, store)
  • Creating Redux actions and reducers
  • Connecting React components to the Redux store
  • Dispatching actions and updating state
  • Using the Redux DevTools for debugging
  • Best practices in Redux architecture
  • Hands-on exercises and coding practice

4. Building a Complete React and Next.js App with Routing

  • Next.js routing fundamentals
  • Creating pages and routes in Next.js
  • Dynamic routing and URL parameters
  • Navigating between pages with Next.js Link
  • Fetching data from an API using axios in a React and Next.js application
  • Displaying data in your React and Next.js app
  • Implementing basic CRUD operations
  • Error handling and loading indicators

5. Styling, Optimization, and Deployment

  • Styling your React and Next.js app (CSS, CSS-in-JS, or styled-components)
  • Optimizing performance with React.memo and useMemo
  • Testing React components (unit testing)
  • Deploying your React and Next.js app to a hosting service
  • Course wrap-up and Q&A

Course Objective

  • Understand the fundamentals of React and its key concepts.
  • Be able to create functional React applications from scratch.
  • Know how to manage state, handle events, and perform basic routing.
  • Gain insights into state management with Redux.
  • Be equipped to build and deploy a simple React application.
  • Learn the basics of server-side rendering with Next.js.



“If you get the chance to enter this bootcamp, consider yourself extremely lucky as they will groom you to have job ready skills. I have learnt a lot from this place.”

Ahmad Faiz

“I learned many things when I was with this company. such as HTML, CSS, and JS. 
The staff also very friendly and comfortable to ask anything i wanted.”